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Ford Pickup | Aftermarket Headlight Bulbs Installation

Automotive Features of Ford Pickup and aftermarket lights installation

The Ford F-150/250/350 is a series of light-duty and medium-duty trucks (Class 2-7) that have been marketed and manufactured by Ford Motor Company. For dependability and affordable value, car buyers purchase these reliable vehicles.

Your Ford may need the headlight system upgrade. These trucks may have 2-headlight and 4-headligth configuration. Therefore, we offer bright single & dual beam HID Xenon conversion kits and LED lights for your trucks with installation and usage recommendations.

Bright replacement lights for Ford pickups
HID and LED aftermarket kits for upgrade of the car lights

Flickering may be caused by aftermarket bulbs drawing less power than the factory ones. The most common case is when the Daytime Running Lights are the same bulbs, which you are upgrading (usually these are low beam lights). We recommend disabling of the DRLs, in other case, the installation of relay harness with resistors is highly recommended for single beam and low Xenon/High Halogen sets to provide direct power supply from the car battery to the HID / LED system. Please, mind that our Bi-Xenon kits already come with the wiring harnesses.

Aftermarket lights usually draw less power, than factory Halogen bulbs, that is why the car’s onboard computer detects an error in the work of new bulbs. The remedy for this is a pair of resistors. They give an additional load on a circuit so that the lights may work flawlessly. For Bi-Xenon HID lights we have resistors-adapters, while for Single Beam and Low Xenon/High Halogen sets we offer a relay harness with load resistors.

Fords F-150, 250 and 350 are known for ‘Automatic switch on’ feature (the lights come on by themselves when it is getting dark). Please, keep in mind that you should disable automatic lights and switch them to manual position to prolong the lifespan of the lighting system. The installation of a relay with resistors may resolve the issue in case you cannot disable it.

Ford pickup headlights for upgraded visibility at nighttime

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