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Ford Mustang Headlights Upgrade

Ford Mustang debuted back in 1964 as a sporty, youthful car built on inexpensive mechanicals from the Ford Falcon compact car. The Mustang quickly proved a sales success and inspired a whole class of โ€œpony carโ€ competitors, including the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro and 1970 Dodge Challenger.

By 1969, the Ford Mustang could be anything from a dressy six-cylinder coupe to a high-powered Boss 429 fastback with a NASCAR-ready V-8 engine shoehorned under its scooped hood. It's that ability to be whatever you want it to be that's been crucial to the Mustang's enduring popularity. Last redesigned for the 2015 model year, todayโ€™s Mustang coupe and convertible follow the pattern set by the original, with long-hood short-deck styling, a smallish backseat and rear-wheel drive.

Something simple details like headlights can instantly change the appearance of your car. Another reason to pick up a new set of headlights is wear and tear. The headlamps performance on the road is crucial on the road at nighttime.

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This guide will go over what you need to know when it comes to upgrading your Mustangโ€™s headlights.

2000-2004 Mustang requires 9007 bulb size for High and Low beam (one bulb performs for both beams).

2005-2007 Mustangs need 9008 (H13) bulbs for headlights.

2008-2012 Ford Mustang vehicles all use the same H13 bulb for the Low and High Beam (with factory Halogen), and Low and High Beam D3R for the ones with factory HIDs.

2013-1017 Ford Mustang vehicles use only D3R bulb for Low and High Beam.

We offer you about 10 different tints of Xenon bulbs to choose from. HID kits (for high and low beams) are able to produce the brightest and most effective light output. Wondering which color is the best option for you? 5000K to 6000K are the brightest and close the daylight (some already sense a slight blue tint in the 6000k).

If you have just upgraded forward headlights and notice flickering issue or error messages that appear on your dashboard computer take into consideration that you may need resistors in case you already have a relay harness.

Sometimes it happens that aftermarket HID lights cause static on radio. This issue can be resolved with the help of EMC Filter Warning Cancellers. Just install the unit between the ballast input and the ballast feed.

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