35W Replacement Single AC Canbus Ballast

Vendor: Kensun


35W single canbus ballast for improved operation of HID system


Perfect light from Kensun HID technology with the CAN-BUS ballasts which really stepped it up a notch in terms of efficiency and visual deliciousness. You’ll get to know how brightness and safety on the road actually look and feel like.

This CAN-BUS ballasts are fully integrated into a vehicle bus bar ruling out any possible errors on a dashboard and shutting off any issues characteristic for aftermarket HIDs – intermittent operation, flickering and conflicting with on-board computer.

  • ONE ballast only
  • Quick start either in cold and hot states
  • Instant conversion to arcing stability mode
  • Automatically restarts if arcing fails
  • Feedback control of a lamp operation modes
  • Build-in stabilizer that prevents from voltage swings
  • Reverse polarity protection 
  • Short circuit protection
  • No-load operation protection
  • Fireproof AMP connectors
  • Enhanced soft waterproofing compound
  • High resistance to vibration and mechanical stress
  • Control unit compact design 
  • Screened high-voltage modulus for eliminating radio interference 
  • Effective heat dissipation of a ballast body
  • Reliable operation with HID bulbs of various manufacturers
  • 1x 35W CAN-BUS ballast included
  • Operating power consumption: 3.5A
  • Ignition power consumption: 7A
  • Input voltage: 12V
  • Start output voltage: 23 KV
  • Life time: >4000 hrs.
  • Be used only with 12V current

You can choose a pair of Canbus ballasts.

Not suitable for 24V vehicles.

In case you face any difficulties with the product, inquire our help page.