35W HID D2S AC Replacement Bulbs
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Vendor: Kensun


HID D2S Replacement Bulbs

Pair of super bright Xenon D2S bulbs to replace your stock car lights

35W HID D2S bulbs serve as a perfect replacement for your factory HID system. They provide clear bright focused beams of light to help your vehicle navigate more easily and confidently on a dark dangerous road.

The ability to see clearly and be aware of the potential road hazards is the key point of driving experience. That is why we made sure these bulbs can provide the desired brightness you didn’t get much of with the previous pair of light bulbs. Once installed these D2S bulbs are capable of delivering as much as three times brighter light comparing to factory HID ones.

The installation of this pair is extremely simple and hassle-free. The D2S bulbs are designed wireless, they simply plug into the socket of your vehicle’s projector housing in place of your old light bulbs, and you’re free to go. It saves your time and money, since you don’t have to call for professional assistance or make any manipulations yourself.

The lights being available in 12 different colors gives you an option to set any desired color for the light output from the bulbs.


  • Pair of super bright HID D2S bulbs
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    John A.
    United States United States
    Bright lights

    I like the output of the lights. Very Bright!

    John A.
    United States United States
    Very nice

    Supper bright. Great value at great price.

    Ed W.
    United States United States
    Affordable HIDs for MKV GTI

    These HIDs worked great in my 2007 MKV GTI. I can finally see the road again! And such a better price than other brands. I will definitely buy Kensun bulbs again.

    karpaw l.
    United States United States
    it is batter than factory lights

    only bater than before light. think i do like is HID-H7-55W too bad it not fit in to my light housing please last me know when you have 55wHID D2S

    Jenna W.
    United States United States
    Great company, great product.

    I've been buying Kensun HIDs (kits and individual bulbs) for the past 5 plus years. I used to purchase them through Amazon but I'd rather give my money directly to them. Amazon is getting too big for their britches anyway. Kensun is one of those companies that actually offers great products at great prices. I have had some issues with a couple of the products, typically it's the bulbs, and the warranty department has always been quick to respond and get it fixed for me. I bought these for my Mazda Rx-8 and they are a phenomenal improvement over the factory Phillips bulbs. Not to mention considerably less expensive. My brother payed $100 per bulb for some name brand ones for his Audi A4. After talking to him about mine and him seeing the light output he said he'd never buy those again. Three year warranty or not for $200 I could replace mine 10 times over. I can't remember exactly what the warranty is on Kensun bulbs but even when I purchased them through Amazon. I had an issue with the one of the first pairs i bought, didn't even realize they had a warranty and the gentleman i spoke with pulled me up and said that i was still under warranty and they would send me a new set. So i got replacement from them even though i didn't even buy them directly through them. Wonderful to deal with, will keep recommending and keep buying from them.

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