Universal Single Beam Relay Wiring Harness

Vendor: Kensun


NOTE: This product is a NOT an HID conversion kit. It is a wiring accessory for an existing system.

HID Wiring Harness

Designed to deliver steady voltage to your HID ballasts directly from the car battery

A relay wiring harness delivers steady voltage to HID kit directly from the car battery.

It can be used for high beams, low beams and fog lights on most vehicles. The connections have universal design to fit most of Xenon ballasts.

Its installation is really plug and play since usually hard wiring job is not needed. The wiring harness has one relay for both sides. It pulls signal from the vehicle’s electric system, triggering HID ballasts and bulbs to get power from the battery directly with the help of wiring harness.

Simple connections make the installation easy. Red power wire should be connected to the vehicle’s positive battery terminal. In addition, it has an inline fuse.

The wiring relay harness has a connector of universal 9006/9005 type where a ballast feed on the HID bulb power wire plugs into. It is used to get a signal for turning on and off the lights.

Two relay ballasts feeds which connect to ballasts provide HID system with the power. They come with silicone grommets which allow to make them waterproof.

Two negative wires should be screwed to the vehicle’s chaises to allow electricity to complete a circuit and return to the vehicle’s negative battery terminal.

The relay wiring harness helps prolong the lifespan of the HID conversion kit and stabilize its work. Moreover, with its installation potential flickering or lights turn off can be resolved. This automotive accessory is a great unit to make aftermarket lights work properly.

Flickering can be quite annoying. The relay wiring harness is what you need to prevent and resolve possible power supply issues!

Plug-and-Play installation for most vehicles.
  • Protects your HID system by drawing stable current directly from your battery
  • No more flickering due to low electrical current
  • 40 Amp relay and 30 Amp fuse
  • High-quality materials for maximum durability and performance
  • One relay harness powers both driver and passenger sides
  • 1x Kensun high-quality HID Universal Single Beam Relay Harness
In case you face any difficulties with the product, inquire our troubleshooting.
You can also benefit from Toll-Free Kensun Customer Service or use a relay harness with resistors installation diagram.

Compatible with 35W - 55W SINGLE BEAM and LO/HI HALOGEN kits only.

Fits sizes: