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9006 bulbs are usually used as a single beam lights. They are commonly used for low beams (2012-2017 GMC Canyon, 1996-2017 GMC Savana) and fog lights (2001-2007 Mercedes C-class, 2003-2008 Mercedes E-class). But they may fit the 9012 housing and perform for the high and low beams. In this case, the slight modification can be needed. These bulbs should be twisted into the housing to lock.

HID lights are 2 to 3 times brighter than halogen bulbs. We offer 2 types of the HID kits: 35W and 55W. Choose from 12 available colors. 9006 HID bulbs may have a thicker O-ring gasket. The OEM O-ring can be used with the aftermarket bulbs.

LEDs with Cree Chips are much brighter than factory halogen bulb. Moreover, their lifespan is up to 6 times longer than other types of the lights. These 9006Β LEDs come with the locking ring which can be installed first to the headlight assembly for proper fit of the bulb itself.

LED bulbs with ETI Chips come with arc-beam silicone lenses so there are no dark spots or short beams on the road. These lights have separate drivers to provide the first-class heat protection.