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Ford Fiesta Car Lights Upgrade

The Fiesta might be small, it is still mighty fierce. Ford has announced that 2019 will be the last year for the Fiesta—at least, here in North America—thanks to Ford's new truck- and SUV-centric business plan. This model is available as either a sedan or as hatchback.

This subcompact has agile handling that makes it fun to drive, and a controlled ride, thanks to suspension that soaks up most bumps and ruts. Interior fit and finish and equipment levels are among the best of the class, and the cabin is relatively quiet.

The Ford Fiesta offers dozens of dealer accessories and options that let buyers personalize their cars. But despite the newest configurations, drivers are looking for a better lighting options at nighttime. That where Kensun HID and LED headlights come in hand.

2011-2013 Fiesta vehicles use an H11 bulb for the Low Beams & Fog Lights and 9005 for the High Beams.

The factory halogen H11 and 9005 headlight bulbs simply twist into the car headlights with no additional adapters. As a result, upgrading your Fiesta’s Low Beam headlights is a super easy process.

2014-2018 Ford Fiestas require the same H11 bulb for the Low Beams and H1 for the Hight Beams.

The specific feature of the H1 Halogen bulb size is that it comes with one positive pin. You may need to install the Ford Fiesta main beam wiring harness to use the HID or LED headlights. This harness allows to get two sockets for the positive and negative pins of the aftermarket lights.

The low beams on these Fiestas are put into a projector headlight housing type to provide better light output and prevent blinding of oncoming traffic.

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We provide the lighting solutions for every year of Fiestas that were mentioned above. You can check the low beam, high beam and even fog light kits.

It is a well-known fact that installation of aftermarket HID and LED kits may cause the headlights flickering or shutting off. The remedy for this is a relay harness or a rely harness with a set of load resistors. This additional accessory helps provide a stable power supply directly from a car battery while resistors give an additional load on an electric circuit.

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If you are not sure what is the best option to upgrade your headlights, feel free to contact our support team at Contact Us page. We will gladly tell you about pross and corns of every headlights set, provide all the necessary wiring diagrams and guide through installation process.

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