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Honda Ridgeline | How to Upgrade the Headlights?

Honda Ridgeline is one of two trucks produced by American Honda Motor Company. It is categorized as a great compact lifestyle pickup. The Ridgeline rides smoothly even over rough pavement, and it has arguably the nicest interior in the class. There are plenty of features, and this Honda's bed can do things that others can't.

2006-2014 Honda Ridgeline of 1st generation use a very common H4 / 9003 Halogen bulb size. This light is designed with 2 filaments that perform for high and low beams. Another bulb for these Hondas is the one that is needed for the fog lights: H11.

2017-2018 Ridgeline trucks of the second generation are using two separate bulbs for high (9005) and low (H11) beams. The fog lights take the H8 bulb size. The projector produces a beautiful sharp cut-off when the low beams are on.

Honda Ridgeline car accessories and repalcement headlight bulbs
Honda Ridgeline HID headlights with free shipping
Bright 9006 HID kits for Honda Ridgeline

We offer high-quality LEDs and HIDs for all the bulb sizes mentioned above. You can choose 4300K-6000K Xenon lights for better vision at nighttime. Going with a higher kelvin HID kit will get you more color, but less light output; the higher you go in terms of kelvin, the less actual useable light output you are going to get. Generally speaking, all vehicles equipped with factory-HID headlights use 4300K bulbs for maximum light output (Honda is no exception). All our HID and LED sets are designed to be plug and play for your Redgeline. The connectors are direct fit for Honda’s OEM light sockets and do not need additional modifications.

Notice! The Honda Ridgeline typically uses the High Beam bulb as the Daytime Running Lights – commonly referred to as DRL. Daytime running lights usually operate on reduced power, and HID ballasts require a stable 12V - which DRL cannot provide. As a result, if you install a 9005 HID conversion kit without taking this into consideration, you’ll end up with flickering High Beam HID lights in your Ridgeline, which will burn out sooner rather than later. The remedy for this may be disabling of DRL in the car or installation of the relay wiring harness.

Honda Ridgeline HID headlights with free shipping Bright 9006 HID kits for Honda Ridgeline

Assuming you’ve figured out a way to get an HID kit to work as your Daytime Running Lights, or you’ve simply deactivate your Daytime Running Lights altogether, another issue with installing an HID kit for this application is warmup period. HID lights take approximately 25 seconds to warm up when first turned on, so if you’re driving your Honda Ridgeline and need a quick burst of light from your HID High Beams, you’re not going to be happy with the delay in getting light output! As a way out, we offer LED headlights for this vehicle. These lights are instantly on and do not require any additional time to light up fully.