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Honda Accord | Converting Headlights to HIDs and LEDs

Honda Accord is a series of automobiles manufactured by Honda since 1976, best known for its four-door sedan variant, which has been one of the best-selling cars in the United States since 1989. The Accord nameplate has been applied to a variety of vehicles worldwide, including coupes, station wagons, hatchbacks and a Honda Crosstour crossover.

1976-1981 Honda Accord came with 4 sealed beam headlights: H5006 for the Low Beams, and H5001 for the High Beams. H5006 headlights have 3 contact lugs. They measure 5.75” diameter and have two 35W filaments – 1 for Low Beam, and 1 for High Beam. These are positioned as the exterior round headlights on the Honda Accord. The inner headlights are the H5001 headlights. These headlights look identical to the exterior H5006 headlights, but they are designed with a single 50W filament for High Beam operation.

1981 Accord HID and LED headlights upgrade

Unfortunately, both the H5006 and H5001 headlights are β€œSealed-beam” headlights, meaning that if a filament burns out you would need to replace the entire assembly. Fortunately, replacements H5006 / H5001 headlights available on the market now utilize a replaceable H4 halogen bulb. This means that next time a filament burns out, you would just need to replace the H4 bulb as opposed to the entire headlight. These headlights also enable you to install an H4 HID kit, for maximum light output.

1982-1985 Cars came with rectangular H4656 and H4651 headlights. An H4656 headlight is a 4.76” wide headlight that has two 35W filaments – one for Low Beam and one for High Beam. This was used as the exterior Low Beam headlight for the Accord. The inner H4651 headlight was the High Beam bulb, which featured a single 50W filament. These headlights can also be referenced to as: H4651, H4652, H4656, H4666, H6545, HP4651, HP4656, HP4666, HP6545. Just like the earlier model Honda Accord, a burnt-out filament resulted in an entire housing needing to be replaced.

1982 Honda Accord headlight repalcements
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Finally, after 14 years of sealed beam housings, Honda presented the Accord with replaceable halogen headlight bulbs. 1990-2007 cars have replaceable halogen headlight bulbs: 9006 size for Low beams and 9005 for High. The cars with optional Fog lights are using H11 lights.

9006 halogen bulbs are right angle bulbs that connect to a P22d base. They are rated at 55W and can be safely replaced with a 9006 HID Conversion Kit, for those wanting to upgrade the low beams on their Honda Accord. The 9006 High Beam bulbs in the Accord are 65W bulbs that connect into a P20d right angle base.

2008-2012 Hondas of this model are available as sedan and coupe models. They use H11 bulbs for Fog lights and 9005 for High beams. Still there is a difference in bulb sizes for Low beams: coup uses H11 halogen lights, while sedan requires 9006 size.

The H11 bulbs installed into the projector headlight housing that produces a cut-off that is perfect to be used with the HIDs being installed. We have a variety of colors available for this set.

2012 Honda Accord high and low beam replacement bulbs
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2013-2018 Accords come equipped with the projector headlights housing for the low beams where H11 bulbs are installed. The High beams are using 9005 bulbs, while for the Fog lights are of the H8 size. The low beams are installed into the projector headlight housing which is screaming for the HID conversion kit! This is an ideal solution for the Low beam upgrade. All our HID sets are designed only with a high-quality materials and UV quartz glass.

We offer H11, H8, 9006, 9005 and H4 Conversion kits with HID and LED lights! You can choose the ones that suit your needs the most. Xenon lights are available in a variety of colors. The most popular among our customers are 4300k, 5000k and 6000k. The specific characteristic of HIDs is that they require some time to light up (about 20 seconds). In case you are upgrading the high beams, this may be really inconvenient. For this reason, we offer an alternative – LED headlights.

Most Hondas have Daytime Running Lights on their 9005 size high beams. They operate on a lower voltage, while HIDs require constant 12V to operate in a proper way. To resolve this issue, you can disable daytime running lights or install the relay harness.

Installation of HIDs may cause the headlight bulbs to flicker or shut off by itself. The remedy for this may be a relay harness with load resistors. The relay should be connected to the car battery to provide a stable power supply, while resistors give an additional load to the electric circuit and make the headlights work the same way as if with the halogen bulbs being installed.

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