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  • Kensun's Tire Inflator is the highest quality available, tested and re-tested to ensure that it is in perfect condition when it arrives safely at your home. 
  • Kensun's Tire Inflator has both AC (110V) and DC (12V) capabilities. You can plug it into your car, or at home! This is a feature that we are extremely proud of, because there are very few manufacturers that include this in their tire inflators. 
  • Kensun's Tire Inflator can measure up to 120 PSI, and has an LED light for inflating your tires in the dark, rainy nights. 
  • Kensun's Tire Inflator comes with lifetime customer support, a 2 year warranty and a 45 day return policy. In these perilous times, WE GOT YOUR BACK!
  • Kensun's Tire Inflator comes with Free Shipping!
  • Kensun's Tire Inflator comes with a neat carrying case, a warranty card and several accessory nozzles so you can inflate anything that needs air!
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