LED H4 (HB2) (9003) Conversion Kit with Cree Chips

Vendor: Kensun


H4 Automotive LED Headlight Conversion Kit

Automotive lights are really important for the safe driving.

Everybody who is on the road at nighttime will prefer high performance headlights with maximum light output rather than halogens. These H4 (9003) Cree LED headlight bulbs are that which meet these requirements!

It is not a secret that custom headlights produce only 1000Lum per bulb. They have regular yellowish color and their temperature raises up to 120°C. We offer aftermarket lights which are three time more efficient than regular halogens. Our H4 high-performance auto lights produce less heat and emit up to 3000Lum per bulb!

These LED auto lights have all-in-one design. It means that the headlight bulb consists of light emitting part and cooling system.

Our H4 LED light bulb has 8 diodes (four on each side of the bulb) and emits pleasant to the human eye cold white color (6000K). These Cree chips are made with a help of high technologies and produced in the USA! The bulbs come with a set of filters (blue and yellow). You will be pleasantly surprised by getting three color options purchasing one LED conversion kit. Light bulbs can be installed with and without the filters.

The cooling system consists of a heat sink and fan. The heat sink is made of cold pressed aluminum which reduces the bulb base temperature by 40%. They have a structure of columns which increases heat dissipation process. Our H4 bright LEDs have turbo cooling fans which make 8000 rounds per minute! With such a powerful cooling system there is no risk of overheating!

These automotive light bulbs perform for high/low beam. H4 conversion kit requires 40W to operate for high beam and 20W for low.

Our H4 Cree LED light bulbs have OEM connectors which are designed to fit the factory socket plug without any sort of modifications. The bulbs have removable locking rings that enables secure installation of the headlights to the housing.

Purchasing the H4 (9003) LED conversion kit you get Kensun branded carry case with a pair of bulbs, set of color filers and installation manual.

It is time to upgrade your vehicle custom headlights with high performance LED bulbs for real visibility!

Fits sizes:

  • HB2, 9003