LED H13 (9008) Conversion Kit with Cree Chips

Vendor: Kensun


Super Bright LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

We offer you to discover the ultimate brightness with Kensun H13 Cree LED set. This is a great set for high/low beams. Light up the night with Kensun LED Conversion kit. Perfect visibility is predetermined with the pleasant color of the light output (6000K) which is convenient for driving and is close to the daylight. You will be pleasantly surprised with a pair of color (blue and yellow) filters which are included into the set.

H13 LED’s bulbs have IP68 water protection level. These lights are good for use even under severe weather conditions. These LED headlight bulbs are also equipped with cooling fans which are built into cold-pressed aluminum heat sinks which are up to 1.18 inch in length. This feature allowed to make them heat resistant and prolong the lifespan of the lights.

This H13 LED headlight kit has all-in-one design. This means that the lights come without additional drivers which should be mounted or placed under the hood. H13 OEM connector was carefully designed to match your vehicle’s stock harness. In addition, these super bright LED headlights come with removable locking rings which may be installed to the housing firstly and then you can lock the bulb in its place. The other specific feature of this conversion kit are cooling fans. All parts of the bulbs have impeccable design for ease of installation and flawless operation of the kit.

You get the bulb which should be simply connected to the stock harness. Usually installation takes around 20 mins, but there are exceptions when removal of a grill or headlights may be needed.

Kensun H13 LED headlight kit comes in an aluminum carry case with an installation manual, set of color filters and pair of bulbs. In the majority of cases, that is everything you need to make the lights operate properly.

Upgrading to LED’s you get more light output comparatively to halogen bulbs. The other advantage is the power which is consumed. These bright LEDs require only 40W for the high beams and 20W for the lows.

Some vehicles may require the installation of additional accessories to prevent flickering, shutting off, strobing lights and radio interference issues.

It’s the time to choose the best. Get Kensun.