LED 9005 (HB3) Conversion Kit with Cree Chips


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Vendor: Kensun


9005 (HB3) LED Light Conversion Kit for Headlight

Time to upgrade the visibility with new technologies. You can get more lumens from less power being consumed! Choose the best 9005 LED light conversion kit on our online lights store. It requires only 30W to operate and give out 3000Lm per bulb. Mostly 9005 (HB3) size is used for the high and low beams.

High quality headlights are what Kensun stands for. Our bulbs with Cree Chips were designed waterproof (IP68) and heat resistant. They have refined heatsinks to streamline the heat away from the LEDs. They are made of cold-pressed aluminum which reduces the bulb base temperature by 40%. The cooling fan intensively shoots cold air through an aerodynamic bent. It makes up to 8000 rounds per minute! This helps evenly cool every component of the 9005 LED headlight bulb. The cooling system is up to 1.18 inches in length. That is why this LED light conversion kit requires additional space behind the headlight housing.

Once you installed these 9005 (HB3) bright LEDs with Cree Chips, the first thing you will notice right away is crystal clear light output. It is of pure cold white color (6000K). Every 9005 LED headlight bulb has six Cree chips (three on each side). In addition, the kit comes with 2 sets of color filter to provide you with blue (7500-8000K) or yellow (4300K) light output.

Kensun 9005 LED light conversion kit with Cree Chips has all-in-one design. The bulbs do not have additional drivers which should be mounted outside the housing. Their mounting plates can be detached which allows easy installation. The bulbs have washers which prevent the moisture from getting inside the headlight assembly. 9005 stock harness connector was designed to fit the vehicle’s OEM plug easily.

This conversion kit comes in aluminum carry-case which includes the pair of 9005 LED headlight bulbs, two sets of color filters and an installation manual.

Sometimes vehicle may require addition accessories (warning cancellers, EMC capacitors or resistors) to prevent flickering, shutting off, strobing lights and radio interference issues.

    Fits sizes: 

    • HB3 9005L+ 9005XS 9011