LED H11 Conversion Kit with Cree Chips

Vendor: Kensun


Notice: You will receive LED Bulbs labeled "H8", which are identical to H11.


H11 LED Headlight Bulb Set with Cree Chips

The lights for those who are ready to turn night into day. Upgrade the vision with new generation of the lights. The H11 bulbs are commonly used for the low beams and fog lights.

Each of our bright LEDs for headlights provides 3000Lm.

We’ve been working hard to make the lights easy to install and prolong their lifespan. That is why Kensun H11 Cree LED kit is waterproof and heat resistant. The cooling system includes cold-pressed aluminum heat sinks with built-in fan to maintain proper operation temperature. This eliminates the risk of overheating. The cooling fans were designed to resist shocks, heat, cold and vibrations. The cooling system is up to 1.18 inches in length that is why an additional space behind the headlight housing is needed.

This set is excellent choice in favor of convenient driving for all car-enthusiasts!

Great design for fast installation. These bright LEDs come with detachable locking rings so the bulbs can be secured in the housing easily. This H11 LED headlight bulbs have washers which prevent the moisture from getting into the headlight assembly. The lights come without drivers therefore require less space than any other type of LED system.

The H11 factory connector is designed to fit your vehicle’s factory harness plug without any difficulties! For most vehicles, the installation is plug and play.

Great addition to the set is the pair color filters. You can choose the color you like most: white, blue or yellow.

What is the LED light wattage? This type of the lights is a well-known for its efficiency. 30W is only needed to dissolve the darkest night with our bulbs! Choose the best auto lightings on our online premium car accessories store.

Kensun H11 Cree LED light conversion kit comes in a fancy carry-case which includes the pair of bulbs, two pairs of color filters and installation manual.

Sometimes LEDs should be installed with the warning cancellers, EMC capacitors or resistors to prevent flickering, shutting off, strobing lights and radio interference issues.