LED 9006 (HB4) Conversion Kit with Cree Chips

Vendor: Kensun


The Brightest LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

Incredible brightness of the LED 9006 Kit for your vehicle. It is easier to dissolve the darkness than it looks. This HB4 LED bulbs set is excellent choice for your low beams or fog lights. Feel the advantage of instantly on headlights. No time is needed for them to light up!

These LEDs consume only 30W and deliver 3000Lm per one bulb. Moreover, they have IP68 water-protection level. Every Kensun 9006 LED light has six diodes (three on each side of the bulbs). They produce pleasant 6000K color which is close to the daylight and is comfortable for driving. You will be pleasantly surprised with the fact that this kit comes with the set of colors. It can be changes from cold white to a warm tint (4300K) or white with a blue tint (8000K).

9006/HB4 LEDs with Cree chips have all-in-one design and it makes them extremely usable! This means that they come without separate drivers. LED locking rings are detachable to fit the light housing properly. The heat sink is made of cold-pressed aluminum to keep operating temperature stable. Moreover, these bulbs have built-in cooling fans that provide reliable heat dissipation and make up to 8000 rounds per minute.

The other advantage of LED upgrade is that these lights operate without ballasts. The bulb should be simply connected to the OEM harness. For most vehicles, the installation of the bulbs takes around 20 minutes. But sometimes, additional work (like grill or bumper removing etc.) may be needed.

LEDs may require an installation of additional accessories to prevent flickering, shutting off, strobing lights and radio interference issues.

Kensun 9006 HB4 LED Conversion Kit comes in an aluminum carry-case. It includes the pair of bulbs, two sets of color filters (yellow and blue) and installation manual.

This is a perfect set for car-enthusiasts who want to feel safe on the road in any weather conditions! The darkest nigh or heavy rain will not stop you on the road with premium quality headlights.

Follow the innovations for your comfort and safety with Kensun.


Fits sizes: 

  • HB4, 9006HP, 9006XS, 9012, HIR2, HIR