Bi-Xenon HID/ Dual Beam LED 9007 Anti-Flicker Decoder Resistors Adaptors

Vendor: Kensun



These load resistors do an excellent job whenever aftermarket HIDs fail to perform properly. Many factors play a role how your new lights will act, and it’s not always easy to find or comprehend the underlying cause of one or other issue. And furthermore, different causes involve different solutions, but contrary to that there’s almost a cure-all – load resistors. High efficiency, installation ease and reliable operation make the resistors indispensable part of HID system. The aftermarket lights world knows them as a knob switching night to day.

You are definitely going to need these resistors if your vehicle has CAN-BUS system or Totally Integrated Power Module (TIMP) on board. As usual it is Dodge, RAM, Jeep, Chrysler and most of European cars of recent years.

  • Pre-wired for Plug and Play
  • Eliminate error message on dashboard
  • Prevent flickering
  • Load Resistors: 50W 6 Ohm
  • High Quality materials for maximum durability and performance
  • Fit both HID and LED lights
  • Compatible both with 35W and 55W kits.
  • 2 x 9007 Load Resistor Adaptors

CAUTION: Resistors get HOT so mount them to metal.

Fit sizes:
  • HB5