Universal Single Beam Relay Wiring Harness with Load Resistors

Vendor: Kensun


NOTE: This product is a NOT an HID conversion kit. It is a wiring accessory for an existing system.

HID Relay Harness with Resistors

Designed to deliver steady voltage directly from the car battery and eliminate most of the problems of HID system

CAUTION! Resistors can get extremely hot. Make sure to mount them away from anything that can potentially melt or burn.

Looking for the tool to prevent possible issues with the aftermarket lights? The relay wiring harness is what you need! It connects to both sides of the vehicle.

The function of the relay wiring harness is to draw stable current directly from the battery and protect factory wiring.

Load resistors are electrical components, which provide resistance within a vehicle’s circuit and ‘load’ on it so that the onboard computer ‘thinks’ that the halogen bulbs are installed. In this way, flickering, shutting off and strobing lights issues may be resolved.

This relay harness is compatible with single beam and low Xenon/high Halogen HID kits.

It is designed to be plug and play. There is a red power wire which should go to the positive battery terminal. Two black wires should be screwed to the vehicle’s chaises to allow electricity to complete a circuit and return to the vehicle’s negative battery terminal.

The 9005/9006 connector from the relay and separate load resistor should be connected to the ballast feeds on the HID bulb power wires which plugs into the vehicle’s factory plug. With its help the relay gets the signal for turning on and off the lights.

Relay ballast feeds should be connected to the ballasts two pin oval connectors to provide HID system with the power. They are designed with the silicon grommets to prevent the moisture from getting into it. The wet weather will not cause problems and affect the work of your automotive lights!

Hard wiring job or cutting of the wires is not needed!

The relay wiring harness with load resistors is good for trucks and cars. This is a perfect choice for those who would like to make the lights last longer.

Pre-Wired for Plug and Play.
  • Protects your HID system by drawing stable current directly from your battery
  • No more flickering due to low electrical current
  • 40 Amp relay and 30 Amp fuse
  • Load Resistors: 50W 6 Ohm
  • High-quality materials for maximum durability and performance
  • Connects to both sides of vehicle each with its own heavy-duty resistor

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  • 1x Kensun High-quality HID Universal Wiring Relay Harness with 50W load resistors
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Compatible with 35W - 55W SINGLE BEAM and LO/HI HALOGEN kits only.

Fits sizes: