Thermos Mug


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Thermos Mug 16 Oz

Enjoy hot coffee tea or cocoa on a long commute or trip with this Kensun thermos mug. The thermal design also keeps drinks hot for up to 4 hours after this thermos cup is filled. 
This Kensun Thermos Mug is designed to not only keep your beverages hot on extremely cold days but every day you find yourself in need of your aroma hot drink. Don’t allow your coffee to get cold again.
Enjoy hot coffee or tea anywhere you might be with this useful car accessory!
  • Effective at keeping your coffee tea or hot cocoa warm for that morning commute late night drive or any trip you might take
  • Convenient for both traveling and outdoor activities
  • Efficient at keeping beverages refreshingly warm every day even at very cold temperatures
  • Convenient to handle and to fit in most car or truck cup holders
  • Excellent insulation will keep the perfect beverage temperature for up to 4 hours after being filled
  • Virtually unbreakable stainless steel exterior
  • Reliable spill-proof lid
Keep your Beverage Nice and Hot!
This Kensun Thermos Mug will keep your favorite beverages hot every day even on very cold mornings. Other travel mugs merely use insulation keeping your coffee tea or hot cocoa warm for a short while.