Portable AC/DC Rechargeable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Vendor: Kensun


Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

Compact hoover for cars easily cleans any distant location maintaining power and portability

  • 100W power
  • handheld/car
  • dry-treatment
  • bagless
  • washable HEPA filter
  • rechargeable battery
  • AC/DC charger
  • attachments
  • collapsible design

You do not have to worry that cords will not reach some dirty spot in your car. We offer an autonomous vacuum that uses cords got charging only. It is equipped with a durable rechargeable lithium battery that will let you reach any place in the car and outside it. It does not matter anymore where to charge it. It comes with power cords enabling charging from the car’s cigarette lighter as well as from the 110V wall outlet.

This compact vacuum is absolutely handy. You will definitely love the compact size and it lightweight. Having a comparatively low level of noise, the vacuum’s suction is strong. Unit picks up dust, hairs, grass, and even granules easily. The vacuum cleaner sucks dust from the air at high speed by creating a fast-spinning vortex. Centrifugal force then separates dust and dirt particles and collects them in the detachable cylindrical bin.

The unit is well made, easy to take apart and put back together. So, it will never be a problem to clean the washable HEPA filter. Advanced HEPA filter not only provides clean and dust-free surroundings but also reduces air pollution by trapping allergens and dust mites.

In addition, our vacuum cleaner comes with useful attachments that will help you get into hard-to-reach places.