Steering Wheel Cover

Vendor: Kensun


#1 Customer Service & Quality /  2 Year Warranty

  • Quality leather for extreme comfort and superior anti-slip grip.
  • Luxurious look upgrades interior of any car whether new or old.
  • Upgrades interior of any vehicle while protecting wheel from warping or cracking.
  • Special environmental friendly odorless inner-ring with no nasty toxic rubber smell.
Having begun with our top selling HID headlights over the past decade Kensun has become a name that people know to trust for automotive products. With our uncompromising manufacturing standards competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service Kensun has become a #1 best seller on Amazon many times over. Whether your concern is safety comfort or style Kensun line of top quality steering wheel covers will meet your demands. At Kensun we pay meticulous attention to every last detail ensuring our customers will have the most satisfying experience money can buy. Backed by our 30 day "satisfaction or money-back" guarantee you can't go wrong with our quality tested fashionable designs. Kensun Automotive Steering Wheel Cover - Probably the most important upgrade you will make to your vehicle since it is the one you will feel the most! Comfort meets style with you at the helm. Installation
1.Measure your steering wheel to determine appropriate size before ordering.
2.Hold up the cover to the steering wheel finding top bottom and sides.
3.Align the bottom of the cover with the bottom of the wheel and press it over wrapping it around the bottom portion of the wheel.
4.Moving up around the wheel continue pulling the cover over the wheel.
5.Enjoy your brand new steering wheel cover!