Middle Brackets 120W LED Light Bar


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Type: Light Bar
Vendor: Kensun


#1 Customer Service & Quality /  2 Year Warranty

The most outstanding car accessory for outdoor enthusiasts is LED light bars. It is highly valuable with the beam casting light on every car on your way. This lighting apparatus makes driving in dark places more enjoyable and safer as it produces an enhanced light output in contrast with the light being produced by your car's headlights. They have a smaller form factor and use less power for the amount of light output you get.
LED light bars are the most popular choice for adding illumination to cars trucks 4WD vehicles and sports equipment such as ATVs UTVs or boats. By installing a light bar on your vehicle you will be able to light the area brightly—directly in front of your vehicle. Rather than simply relying on the dim wash of light LED light bar boosts your confidence and increases your driving experience.
LED bars are not cheap but the varying prices on the test combined with their performances shows you get what you pay for – quality counts. LED light bar has an extremely high output and is exceptionally bright even in daylight.

  • Aerodynamic wind air design reducing wind resistance and wind noise at high speed
  • Improved night vision 
  • Modern aggressive look
  • New enlarged profile  
Put one on your truck not only for showing off as many people might think. This bright car accessory also has some important practical benefits. The Light Bar can illuminate the road better so that you always see what is ahead of you. In effect they can offer better general night vision due to their wider coverage. Furthermore the fact that you can place them in a higher position than the regular headlights on your car makes it easy to see very clearly even under some dark conditions such as riding in the outdoors. Having great light bars for trucks is worthless if they do not come with a sturdy reliable housing to safeguard the many internal components. Luckily LED lights are known for having some very solid housing ratings with dust proof and waterproof abilities. They make excellent additions for off-road vehicles and cars since they are very tough and can therefore stay exposed for a long time without developing any issues. Mind that thick sponge pads are includes avoiding car paint damage. It is made using solid housing.
LED light bar package includes:
  • light bar mounts 
  • 2x sponge pads 
  • 2 Year Warranty 
  • One Set of Work Light Bar Slide Mounting Bracket + Set of Mounting Hardware
  • Step by step instructions for easy installation 
Remember: minor drilling may be required for mounting.
  • Spot (30 degrees)/Flood (60 degrees) Combo Beam (mounting hardware is included) 
  • Waterproof IP67 
  • Die-cast aluminum housing 
  • 5000+ hours lifespan 
  • 21.5 inch 120W 24*3 LED chips. 
    Kensun LED light bar has an extremely high output and is exceptionally bright even in daylight. Great for off-road vehicles ATVs UTVs construction vehicles farming vehicles trucks SUVs etc.