If there is an issue with the HID kit which was previously installed to your vehicle, no need to replace the whole set. You can troubleshoot the issue and replace the faulty part.
Kensun offers replacement bulbs for aftermarket and OEM HID systems. The bulbs for aftermarket sets come with a power wire which goes through the rubber grommet and two AMP connectors which should go to a ballast.
D1, D3, and D4 sizes are available in S and R options. We do not have the whole HID systems, but the replacement bulbs. Factory HID ballasts operate on 35W, that is why these bulbs are available only in one wattage.
When looking for D2 (S/R) bulbs, you can find D2S, D2R, D2HR and D2HS options. The first two (D2S, D2R) are the replacements for the OEM HID bulbs. They should be used with factory ballasts. As for the D2HR and D2HS bulb sizes, they are the replacements for aftermarket D2 Xenon lights.
You will be pleasantly surprised with the range of colors available for all the sizes of Kensun HID bulbs. Choose the one you like most and light up the night.
If the bulbs are working fine, the reason for the issue can be a ballast. Have a look at the replacement options. We have 35W and 55W HID Slim Digital ballasts. They come with a pair of AMP connectors which go to the HID bulb and ballast input. Canbus ballasts can also be found on the website. They are equipped with small frequency inductors to control current and voltage of the lamp. You can purchase a single ballast or a pair of them from the website.
Do not forget that all parts of the kit should be of the same wattage. 35W bulbs cannot be used with 55W ballasts and vice versa. This is important for the lifespan of the lamp.
There are cases when the kit has been successfully installed, but you are having the issue with the lights (flickering/shutting off/strobing lights or bulb-out warning). In this case, one of the relay harnesses or warning cancellers come in handy.