LED H7 Conversion Kit with Cree Chips

Vendor: Kensun


LED H7 Headlight Bulb Set

We offer LED light bulbs for cars, trucks and motorcycles since visibility under any weather conditions is a key to driver’s and passengers’ safety. H7 bulbs are usually used for high and low beams. What is the advantage of our LED vehicle lights? We can assure you that is first of all about the brightness. The driver knows how important is to see clearly at night and stay visible for others. Our H7 headlight bulb emits up to 3000Lum which is three times as bright as regular halogen lights.

These automotive LED bulbs have all-in-one design. They consist of light emitting part and cooling system. 6000K LED Chips are produced in the USA which predetermines their durability. Every headlight H7 bulb has 6 diodes (three on each side). These allows to get 360light output.  Moreover, this LED conversion kit comes with a set of glass color filters. Try different tints and find out which you like most! Choose between cold white color (without the filters), 4300K and 7500-8000K trying yellow or blue filters.

These H7 bulbs are a real find for those who may be on their way in hard weather conditions. Our automotive headlights have IP68 protection level and withstand the influence of the moisture.

LED H7 headlight bulb heat sinks are made of cold-pressed aluminum and have column structure. This helps reduce the bulb base temperature by 40%. The other important part of the cooling system is the fan, it is located on the bottom of the heat sink. It makes up to 8000 rounds per minute which is as twice as fast as the average one.

What is about an installation? Our H7 headlight bulb is designed with removable locking ring (mounting plate). This allows to install it to the housing at first and then secure the bulb. You can be sure that the bulb fits the assembly perfectly.

Some car and motor models may require an installation or use of bulb holders. There is a number of them which should be clipped with a spring or twist the light to secure it in the headlight housing.

These automotive LED lights have solid H7 OEM connector. They have a sort of universal design and fit most of the vehicles, but there are cases when hard wiring work may be needed.

Let’s defeat the darkness together!

Requires professional installation

(some vehicles  require special bulb holders for factory headlight assemblies)