55W HID H7 Conversion Kit

Vendor: Kensun


Bright HID Conversion Kit

Directly replaces your stock H7 Halogens with Xenon bulbs

Want to upgrade your automotive lights? Then we are glad to present you with Kensun H7 HID Conversion Kit, which is definitely the best decision for your vehicle!

The advantages of Kensun automotive products:

  • Our premium high-quality products stand out by their longevity, convenience and elegant look.
  • A new design of the H7 HID Conversion Kit allows it last 5-10x longer and consume 35% less power that factory halogen bulbs.
  • HID bulbs are filled with Xenon gas which makes them 3 times brighter than old OEM lights.
  • In order to protect the parts of the conversion kit from damages we put them into an aluminum carry-case with a styrofoam inside, so your purchase will come to you undamaged on its way.
  • We care about our customers, so if there are any questions regarding HIDs or the way of their installation, our customer service specialists will happily assist

The kit includes:

  • Two 55W H7 bulbs
  • Two high-performance slim digital ballasts
  • A set of mounting brackets
  • One smart aluminum carry-case
  • One installation manual

What is the color range for our HIDs?

You can choose from 12 available color options – from yellow (3000K) to indigo (30000K). The most popular colors are white with a yellow tint (4300K), white (5000k) and cold white (6000K), that are pleasant to look at and close to the daylight.

Is the installation difficult?

Do not worry about the installation of a new lightning system, we will send you an installation manual with the HID kit. Even if you are not a professional mechanic, the bulbs and ballasts can be easily connected following the instructions or using wiring diagrams. It will take around 20-50 minutes to install all the parts, but there are some vehicles that may require removal of the headlight housing when it comes to bulb replacement.

Do I need to buy any additional items?

Kensun H7 HID Conversion Kit is designed to work perfectly without any additional parts, but some vehicles require special bulb holders, so we recommend you to double check whether your car need them or not.

    Highly recommended to add a relay harness that provides safety, prolongs lifespan of all the parts of HID system and shuts off most of the issues related to headlights operation.

    In case you face any difficulties with the product, inquire our troubleshooting.