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 D3 bulbs are the newest version of D1 HIDs. These bulbs are installed in the vehicles like factory lights. The D3 bulbs operate on lower voltage and cannot replace the D1 and vice versa. Connectors on bulbs igniters differ, so avoid using the excessive force. Kensun offers D3 replacement bulbs which can be used with OEM ballasts. There are options for projector and reflector housings. The D3R bulb is designed with painted section to block part of the light output so they can be used in the reflector housing. The D3S bulbs do not have any painted section but can be installed to the projector housing. There is a shield inside the housing itself.

Kensun offers the LED kits. These lights are durable and do not require the ballasts. In the case of purchasing the LED set, OEM ballasts should be removed. Professional installation may be needed.