LED 9007 (HB5) Conversion Kit with ETI LED Chips


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Vendor: Kensun


9007 LED Conversion Kit with ETI Chips

There is always room for improvement! Try newly designed 9007 LED headlight conversion kit for maximum brightness! The darkest night will not stop you on the way.

These lights come with four diodes (two on each side) to get even light output. Kensun 9007 super bright LEDs with ETI chips outperforms ordinary halogen bulbs bringing you up to 3000Lum per one light. Dissolve the darkness with pleasant to human eye light color (6000K). It is close to the daylight which makes your driving easier.

Efficiency is a characteristic feature of these 9007 super bright LED headlights. You get around 3 times more lights while the bulbs consume only 20W for low and 40W for high beams.

Forget about overheating issue. Kensun 9007 LED headlight kit was designed with cutting-edge cooling system. A cooling fan makes 8000 rounds/minute (it is twice as powerful as a generic LED cooling fan). It helps get optimal heat protection. The fan is located inside the heatsinks. They are made of cold-pressed aluminum alloy that reduces temperature of the bulb base by 40%. Please, mind that they are up to 3cm (1.18 inch) in length and require free space behind the headlight assembly to be properly installed.

9007 super bright LED bulbs come with drivers. They perform as a separate reliable power source for cooling fans and LED Chips. Furthermore, these drivers have low and over voltage protection design, prevent short and open circuits. Furthermore, Kensun 9007 bright LED lights have IP68 protection level. This means that the lights are waterproof and are perfect for use under any weather conditions even severe ones.

These LED headlights are designed with detachable locking ring to ease the installation to the housing. It was designed to fit the headlight assembly without any issues. The bright LED bulb OEM connector should be plugged into the vehicle’s stock harness. It’s really plug-and-play. Perfect design which eases installation, prolongs the lifespan of the headlights and increases visibility.

Purchasing 9007 LED conversion kit you get Kensun branded aluminum carry case with two bulbs and an installation manual.

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Some vehicles may require additional accessories to prevent flickering, shutting off, strobing lights and radio interference issues.