LED 9007 (HB5) Conversion Kit with Cree Chips

Vendor: Kensun


9007 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

No limit to perfection! Upgrade your headlights with Kensun lights store and our branded 9007 LED conversion kit for incredible visibility on the road.

Perfected design of 9007 bright LED lights. You will be pleasantly surprised with all-in-one construction of the bulbs. There are no additional drivers which should be mounted under the hood. An OEM connector is carefully designed to match headlight socket in your vehicle. No hard-wiring is needed.

Kensun 9007 bright LEDs with Cree Chips have detachable locking rings. This eases the installation process since they can be removed from the bulb, installed to the housing and then you can securely fix the bulb in the headlight assembly. Their rubber rings allow to prevent the moisture from going into the headlight housing.

These lights have powerful built-in cooling fans. They are placed inside cold-pressed aluminum columns. Due to their construction the heat easily streamlines from the bulb. The heatsinks are around 1.18 in length and require additional space behind the headlight housing so that the lights can be cooled properly. This quality cooling system allows to prevent overheating issues and considerably prolongs the lifespan of the bright LED kit.

Cree LED Chips. Kensun 9007 LED lights are equipped with the diodes of extreme brightness. There are 8 chips on the bulb (four on each side). Owing to their design, the bulb emits up to 3000Lum. The driving becomes even more comfortable because of the light output color which is close to the daylight (6000K). Kensun is going to amaze you further! The LED conversion kit comes with blue and yellow color filter. You can choose between standard light output or install the bulb with one of the sets.

But brightness is not the only beneficial thing about these lights. In addition, Kensun 9007 headlights stands for efficiency. They need only 40W to perform for high beams and 20W for low beams. As a result, from less amount of power being consumed, the bulbs produce around three times more light in comparison to standard halogen ones.

Purchasing Kensun 9007 LED Conversion kit you get a branded aluminum carry case with two super bright LEDs, a set of color filters and installation manual.

No need to put off a trip because of darkness. Simply dissolve it LED lights!