55W HID 9005 (H10) AC Replacement Bulbs

Vendor: Kensun


HID 9005 Replacement Bulbs

Pair of super bright 9005 Xenon bulbs to replace your aftermarket car lights

Notice: You will receive HID Bulbs labeled "H10", which are identical to 9005.

Replace hazy headlights and give the front of your car or truck a whole new look. Whether you just want to improve your vision or upgrade your vehicle’s appearance, Kensun makes it easy and affordable with this pair of 9005 replacement bulbs. Don’t drive with dim and dangerous opaque headlights or put up with boring and expensive OEM replacements, when you can get improved illumination and style that’s simple to install and easy on your wallet.

Designed to be an exact replacement for your aftermarket units, these lights ensure easy installation with minimal time and effort. However, some electrical wiring work may be required.

These lights underwent the strictest quality standards to provide reliable service regardless of the weather conditions. They are made of high quality materials to ensure exceptional resistance to the elements.

Our headlight selection includes all popular sizes and colors to any choice and liking.

You are getting:

  • 55 Watt HID bulbs
  • Simple installation - in 20 minutes or less (no wire-cutting or special skills required)
  • 100% waterproof, 100% dustproof, 100% shockproof
  • Produces 2-3 times as much light as a halogen bulb
  • Pair of 55W super bright 9005 HID replacement bulbs
  • Bulbs alone do not contain ballasts
  • Ballasts should be 55W

Highly recommended to add a relay harness that provides safety, prolongs lifespan of all the parts of HID system and shuts off most of the issues related to headlights operation.

In case you face any difficulties with the product, inquire our troubleshooting.

Fits sizes:

  • HB3, 9005L, 9005XS, 9011