35W HID H4 (HB2) (9003) Low Xenon/High Halogen AC Replacement Bulbs

Vendor: Kensun


Dual Beam HID Replacement Bulbs

Pair of super bright HID H4 bulbs to replace your aftermarket car lights

If the lights in your vehicle are yellowish, foggy and generally not as bright as they once used to be, try these H4 HID xenon bulbs from Kensun. Not only are they good looking, our replacement lights also help increase the visibility and safety.

One of the main advantages of these bulbs is their energy efficiency, which means you can achieve more light from the bulbs for their moderate power consumption. These xenon lights last ten times as long as average halogen bulbs.

What is peculiar about Low Xenon/High Halogen bulbs is that one headlight operates for two beams. Xenon bulb performs for the low beam, and halogen bulb for the high beam. With the option of choosing one of the 12 color tints for your lights, you need to keep in mind that the selected color will only work for the xenon bulbs (low beams).

Installation of these headlights is pretty simple and can be installed easily without any drilling or complicated wiring, they simply bolt into the factory holes and plug into your existing lighting system.

Plug-and-Play installation for most vehicles.
  • 3x brighter than halogen bulbs
  • Lasts 5-10x longer
  • 35% less power consumption
  • TESTED: 100% dustproof and 100% shockproof
  • Pair of H4 Lo/Hi Halogen super bright HID replacement bulbs

If you like to go with your both low and high beams as Xenon, you may select Bi-Xenon replacement bulbs.

Highly recommended to add a relay harness that provides safety, prolongs lifespan of all the parts of HID system and shuts off most of the issues related to headlights operation.

In case you face any difficulties with the product, inquire our troubleshooting.

Fits sizes:

  • HB2, 9003