35W HID D2HS AC Replacement Bulbs

Vendor: Kensun


HID D2HS Replacement Bulbs

Pair of super bright D2HS Xenon bulbs to replace your stock car lamps

You vehicle’s headlights are important essentials as sharp sight for humans. 35 W HID D2HS Replacement Bulbs are designed to give you bright color of lighting, which also helps you see more clearly as you drive. These bulbs are designed for high performance and excellent illumination.

Car enthusiast will appreciate the intense light, extended beam, and full coverage these lights offer. These 35W HID D2HS replacement bulbs are perfect replacements for stock bulbs in any vehicle.

You are free to choose among 12 different colors, from yellow (3000K) to indigo (30000K) and even green and pink are available. However, the most popular colors are bright white with yellow tinge (4300K), pure white (5000K) and bright white or cold white (6000K). These colors are the brightest and the closest to that of natural sunlight.

Our replacement bulbs are 3x brighter than halogen bulbs. The duration of their work is 5-10x bigger than the previously mentioned ones. These replacement lights spend 35% less energy. It was tested and proved that 35W HID D2HS Replacement Bulbs are 100% dustproof and 100% shockproof.

Kensun recommends replacing both bulbs at the same time to ensure you always have optimum performance on both sides. Always wear gloves when changing the bulbs to avoid touching the glass.

The product is covered by a full two-year warranty, so if there are any questions, feel free to contact our customer service team.

  • 3x brighter than halogen bulbs
  • Lasts 5-10x longer
  • 35% less power consumption
  • TESTED: 100% Dustproof and 100% Shockproof
  • Two 35W HID D2HS Bulbs
    In case you face any difficulties with the product, inquire our troubleshooting.