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A 2504 bulb is a single beam filament lamp. It is usually used for the fog lights (2010-2014 Dodge Charger and 2010-2014 Dodge Avenger).
These lights compatible with following sizes: PSX24W, H16, 5202, PS24W, 5201, 9009. Every auto enthusiast knows that bad weather conditions can negatively affect driving. Halogens may be too dim to light up the road when it is snowing or raining hard. During this weather, low or high beam lights are not enough. Especially when driving in dense fog, the light reflects off the water drops back to your eyes. A characteristic of the fog lights is their low position on the vehicle and a wide angle of the beam toward the ground. Being low downed they reflect less light back at the driver. These lights reduce glare and help see the road better.
Kensun takes care of you and wants you to feel safe on the road. We offer to upgrade OEM halogen lights with a set of Kensun HIDs. These lamps are 3 times brighter than factory bulbs. Unlike halogen bulbs, the HIDs emit a type of the light which closely resembles natural daylight and therefore it is easier for human eyes. Hid lights require less power to operate and produce more light than halogen bulbs. Xenon lights have much higher longevity than other OEM bulbs. Their lifespan is typically around 2000 hours compared to 500 to 1000 hours of halogen bulbs.
You can choose between the 35W and 55W kit depending on your needs. If your eyes are tired of the standard yellow color, you will be pleasantly surprised with a wide range of color options: 3000- 30000K (yellow-white-blue-indigo).
Choose safety, choose Kensun.