LED H9 Conversion Kit with Cree Chips

Vendor: Kensun


H9 LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit

Looking for the brightest set of H9 (12361) bulbs for your vehicle?

We offer a great range of automotive aftermarket lights. This is a perfect   set to be used for the high beams. Our H9 LED conversion kit is a real discovery for car-enthusiasts.    

Our headlight bulbs consist of two parts: light emitting part and cooling system.  These LED conversion kit is designed with Cree chips. They are really bright and dissolve even the darkest night! Each LED light bulb has 6 diodes (three on each side). The Cree chips emits pleasant light of 6000K color. Furthermore, the kit comes with a set of color filters. You can try the pair of yellow (4300K) or blue (7500K) ones either install the bulbs without them.

The cooling system of these automotive LED lights consists of fans and heat sinks. The heat sinks are made of cold pressed aluminum which reduced the bulb base temperature by 40%. The column structure allows to increase the heat dissipation speed. The cooling fans are located inside the sinks. They make up to 8000 rounds per minute. The cooling system is up to 1.18 inch in length. That is why our H9 LED bulb requires an additional space behind the headlight housing.

Our auto LED lights come with removable locking rings. This considerably eases the installation process and allows securely lock the bulb in its place. The OEM connector are designed to fit vehicle headlight housing without any modifications.

Choose the lights which stand for efficiency. These H9 LED lights require only 30W to operate and produce around 3000Lum per bulb!

 Purchasing our Cree H9 LED conversion kit you get:

  • Ultimate brightness under any weather conditions;
  • 3 color options for your headlights;
  • Heat and water-resistant bulbs.

This LED headlights set comes in an aluminum carry case. It includes four color filters, two bulbs and an installation manual.

It is the high time to get the bright LED lights for maximum visibility!