LED 880 Conversion Kit with Cree Chips

Vendor: Kensun


880 LED fog light bulbs

This fog light LED kit will make your car not only luxury looking but will make you able to see the road clearly even under severe weather conditions. The 880 LEDs are equipped with high-quality Cree Chips which are made in the USA. There are 6 diodes (three on each side). They allow to get beautiful cold white color (6000K) and 360 light output. Every car-enthusiast will become a fan of it! It is a great alternative to regular yellow fog lights. Kensun 880 LEDs produce up to three times more light output consuming less power than halogens. Our bulbs require only 30W to operate and light up the darkest night.

These 880 fog light LED kit has all-in-one design. It means that light emitting part with the cooling system create a bulb base and come without separate drivers. The bulb bases are made of cold-pressed aluminum which allowed to decrease the temperature of the bulb by 40%. They have a structure of columns which considerably fasts the heat dissipation. The bulb bases also include integrated cooling fans. They make up to 8000 rounds per minute. The cooling system is up to 1.18 inch in length that is why additional space behind the headlight housing is needed.

Our LED fog light bulbs have washers which help seal the housing properly preventing the moisture from getting into it. The 880 OEM connector is direct fit to your vehicle’s factory plug. Usually the installation takes around 20 minutes. However, some vehicles may require a bumper or wheels removal to get to the fog lights.

But that is not all! These 880 Cree led fog lights come with two sets of color filters. You can try and choose the tint you like most. In totally you get three color options purchasing one LED kit. You may choose between yellow (approximately 4300K), cold white (6000K) and light blue (7000-7500K).

Purchasing the 880 conversion kit you get a branded carry case with the pair of LED bulbs, color filters and installation manual.

This set of Cree led fog lights is definitely an excellent choice for those who prefer safety and comfortable driving under any weather conditions!

Fits sizes: 

  • 884 885 892 893 and 899