55W HID H3C Conversion Kit with Slim Digital Ballasts

Vendor: Kensun


#1 Customer Service & Quality / 2 Year Warranty

  • POWERFUL BUT ECONOMICAL: 3X Brighter than Halogen Bulbs. Lasts 5-10X Longer. 35% Less Power Consumption
  • GUARANTEED TO FIT: Directly replaces your stock H3C halogen bulbs with HID Xenon Bulbs. Can replace any light that uses the H3C bulb size
  • TESTED 100% Dustproof and 100% Shockproof 
  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED: 2 HID Xenon Bulbs, 2 high-performance ballasts, 2 mounting brackets, a smart aluminum carry-case, and an installation manual
  • FREE 2 Year Warranty, FREE and LIVE Tech Support via Phone & E-Mail 

Product Description

Size: H3C | Colors available: 3000K- 30000K (Yellow –White –Blue–Indigo)

Advanced HID technology is here! 55W Kensun H3C HID Headlight Conversion Kit comes with everything you need to upgrade your vehicle. We bring you high quality H3C HID conversion kits at prices you can afford. Once installed, you will instantly notice increased visibility while driving at night. With Kensun you say ‘yes’ to increased safety, longer lasting, brighter bulbs, and a beautiful new look for your vehicle.

What comes in a 55W Kensun H3C HID Xenon kit?

  • Two (2) 55W super-bright performance HID Xenon Bulbs 
  • Two (2) 55W high-performance Slim Digital Ballasts
  • Two (2) mounting brackets 
  • One (1) smart aluminum carry-case 
  • One (1) installation manual
  • FREE Two-year Manufacturer’s Warranty!

What are HID lights features?

HID headlights have a glass chamber of gas, replacing the filament of traditional halogen bulbs. The gas is ignited by a 23,000V charge and stays illuminated by a constant 12V source provided by a ballast which is connected directly to your battery.
H3C HID headlights are able to provide greater light output with much less power consumption. A 55W HID lamp produces 5 times as much light as a 55W halogen bulb. Also, a halogen bulb uses a continuous power draw of 10-15 amps, while the HID system uses 20 amps for ignition, but then drops to a mere 3 amps during operation (i.e. up to 80% less power during use!).
In addition, HID headlight bulb provides longer service life. With no filament to vibrate and fatigue, under normal conditions H3C HID bulbs last roughly 10 times longer than halogen bulbs.

What is HID Color Temperature?

Color temperature (the Kelvin rating) is a characteristic of light that is sometimes mistaken as brightness, when it is more closely related to “cool” and “warm” tones of light. It is hard to describe HID colors accurately since many variables such as voltage, type of ballast and the environment can affect color output. Also, color perception is subjective.
For fog lights we recommend to choose “warm” tones of light (3000-4300K). The “cooler” the temperature is (especially over 8000K) the amazingly COOLER the light becomes!
We offer the widest range of color temperatures which we have in stock for all vehicles:

  • 3000K = Yellow
  • 4300K = Bright white yellow tinge
  • 5000K = Pure white
  • 6000K = Bright white (some detect slight blue)
  • 8000K = White with blue tinge
  • 10000K = Light blue
  • 12000K = Blue
  • 15000K = Darker Blue (may appear violet)
  • 20000K = Blue indigo
  • 30000K = Indigo
Note: H3C HID bulbs do not come with factory plug connector, but have 2 pins (ground and power). On factory H3C headlight assemblies you may have only power socket. That is why you may need to connect the positive pin to the socket and negative to any ground on your vehicle (there may be a spare connector from inside the headlight housing). Professional installation may be needed.