55W HID 9004 (HB1) Bi-Xenon AC Conversion Kit
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Vendor: Kensun


Dual Xenon Conversion Kit to Upgrade your Headlights

Light is an integral part of the driving experience that provides safety and helps prevent accidents. Be a confident driver with Kensun HID headlights. By increasing overall visibility and road illumination Kensun bulbs remain a perfect choice for drivers who want to see farther. That is why Kensun 55W HID 9004 Bi-Xenon Conversion Kit is your best choice.

High quality is what Kensun is famous for. The bulbs are made of quartz glass which is resistant to high temperatures and protects the headlight housing from the UV-radiation. AMP connectors are designed to be plug-and-play for most vehicles. So the installation will take no longer than one hour. Connectors are also of good quality since they come with washers that do not let moisture or dust get inside. Thanks to the rubber grommet that perfectly fits the headlight housing preventing condensation. The 55W HID 9004 Bi-Xenon Conversion Kit comes in a smart aluminum carry case that provides safe shipping.

What ballasts are for?

Slim digital ballasts are really important item in the kit, because they make the bulbs ignite and shine 3 times brighter than halogen lights. Ballasts also convert DC current into AC to prolong the lifespan of the kit. Thus the Conversion Kit lasts 5-10 times longer and consumes 35% less power.

The 55W HID 9004 Bi-Xenon Conversion Kit includes:

  • Two 55W 9004 HID bi-xenon bulbs
  • Two 55W high-performance slim digital ballasts
  • One bi-xenon relay harness
  • Two mounting brackets and a set of screws
  • One smart aluminum carry-case
  • One installation manual

If you like to go with your low beam as Xenon and high beam as Halogen, you may select Low Xenon/High Halogen conversion kit.

Due to aftermarket HIDs installation some vehicles may undergo flickering or dashboard errors issues, however it can be easily resolved by adding load resistors.

In case you face any difficulties with the product, inquire our troubleshooting.

Fits sizes:

  • HB1
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Reuben N.
United States United States

So far so good, though not as bright as I thought they'd be

Lisa A. Empie
If you know what you want, you'll get it here!

FANTASTICAL! Yes, that is a word! I just made it up! You need to know what you're buying here, I sort of thought I did, but I've gotten used to them and now I feel qualified to write a fair review. Unlike a halogen bulb, these are not instant on; They take a few seconds to come to life. I ordered mine in the 5000k color, which is true white. They live up to that. Understand please that I live in Upstate NY, and it's almost Christmas time. It's COLD here. I need to wait about 30 seconds before I can safely drive away. I'm not complaining. Your engine needs that or more just to get oil through it! So anyway, back to the lights. I replaced 9004 bulbs with these. The actually MOVE in the socket to change from low to high beam. They do what they should. In MY APPLICATION, they work perfect. I wouldn't be happy if I had bought these for my truck. It uses 9006 for low beam and 9005 for high beam. Warm up time between low and high just isn't acceptable. Yet, now that I know what I have bought, I'm quite happy. THE ONLY REASON I DIDN'T POST 5 STARS is I got a re-packaged set the first time, but they quickly sent me another re-packaged set with one of the bulbs broken. The product is good. Installation is straight forward. When THEY get their head out of their *** and better check the returns before they ship them back out, they will get 5 star reviews.

Nicholas W.
These HID bulbs work very well in my 98 Jetta after a bit tricky installation

These bulbs are nice and bright, and they work better in my 98 Jetta's original headlight housings than an LED conversion kit that I tried last week. I used the 9004 (HB1) Bi-Xenon - 5000k kit, for combined hi/lo beam headlight, so I had to install the provided relay and harness and connect a wire directly to the battery's plus terminal. Although they call this a "bi-xenon" lamp, it really has only one xenon HID capsule in each headlamp, and it uses a solenoid and spring to shift the position of the capsule forward and backward to provide both high and low beam. Because of their brightness and their imperfect focus when used in a headlight housing designed for halogen tungsten bulbs, it is important to aim the headlights carefully so as not to blind oncoming drivers and have a lot of people flashing their high beams at you when you were already on low beams. Kensun has a good customer service you can call into for help with any problems. Unfortunately you have to first call the provided number and someone will take your contact info and a brief statement of the problem. Then one of their people will call you back when they are available. Working in light rain and increasing darkness, I made a couple of mistakes that took a couple of days to correct. When I called in Tuesday afternoon, the call back came Thursday morning, about 36 hours later.

Really amazing upgrade over halogens

I just bought these 2 weeks ago and installed them. They are white - not blue - so for oncoming traffic they look like the regular lights that you normally see on other cars. In my Subaru Outback they also project perfectly. You see on some websites that you need to buy projectors and do all kinds of machinations to get them so that they don't blind other drivers - well no - in my Subaru they have a crisp line at the top of the projected light field, you just adjust the aim and they are civil and fine. These are the low beams and the difference in illumination between these and high end halogen bulbs is really truly spectacular. There is no brighter center area with almost nothing at the edges, the entire light field is evenly and perfectly lighted. I can't believe that I didn't install these before. Installation of any low beam bulb in a Subaru Outback is a pain. You have to peel back the fender liner and have a double-jointed arm but these didn't present any special new problems except the dust cap. which needs to be drilled to accommodate the ballast connection. I didn't drill the dust caps because there was no dust on them. Obviously they are well enough protected by their inaccessible location, so I just left the original dust caps off. Maybe when it's warmer I'll drill them and put them back on. In summary, this was one of those "what was I thinking not doing this before" kind of upgrades.

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