35W HID 9004 Single Beam Conversion Kit

Vendor: Kensun


HID Single Beam Conversion Kit

Single Beam Headlights Set directly replaces your stock 9004 Halogen bulbs with HID Xenon bulbs

If you're looking for brighter headlights, that both look cool and make it safer to drive at night, consider this 35W HID 9004 Single Beam Conversion Kit by Kensun.

HID lighting has a few advantages over halogen headlights. One advantage of HID lights is that they are brighter and give better visibility to automobile drivers than halogen lightbulbs do. You as the driver will be able to see further and more clearly at night, also other drivers will be able to see better due to your lights. In addition, HID light bulbs last longer and require less energy consumption than halogen lights.

Our HID conversion kits and bulbs come in different colors and brightness as described by the bulb’s Kelvin temperature. Typical lights and the colors each admits are 3000k (yellow), 4300k (white with yellow tint), 5000k (pure white), 6000k (bright white with bluish tint), 10000k (light blue), 12000k (blue), 15000k (purple), 20000k (blue indigo) and 30000k (indigo).

Our headlight upgrades are simple enough so that you can do them on your own without too much prior experience. Installation is plug-and-play and doesn’t require professional skills. All the parts necessary for successful setup come in this kit.


Our HIDs:
  • 3X Brighter than Halogen bulbs 
  • Lasts 5-10X longer 
  • 35% less power consumption
  • TESTED 100% Dustproof and 100% Shockproof 
  • Two 35W 9004 HID Xenon Bulbs 
  • Two 35W high-performance slim digital ballasts
  • Two mounting brackets
  • One smart aluminum carry-case
  • One installation manual

      Highly recommended to add a relay harness to this 9004 single beam kit to prolong lifespan of all the parts of HID system and shut off most of the issues related to headlights operation.

      In case you face any difficulties with the product, see this webpage.

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