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Kensun offers great solutions for lighting systems and accessories for them. Modern vehicles have automotive features (like daytime running lights, automatic switch on and alarm flashing lights), that may affect the work of aftermarket HID and LED headlights. Thus, we offer additional accessories like relay harness for single beam and dual beam kits, anti-flickers and load resistors.

HID Relay wiring harness is used to provide a direct power supply from the car battery to the headlights. This helps prolong the lifespan of Xenon ballasts and bulbs. It helps resolve flickering issues with daytime running lights that usually work on a lower voltage. With the relay installed, HID conversion kit gets stable 12V power supply.

Bi-Xenon relay harness is used for switching between high and low beams on a dual beam HID kit and at the same time provide the bulbs with a constant power for flawless operation.

LED and high intensity discharge lights consume less power than OEM Halogen head lamps. Resistors add the load on a circuit, so that the onboard computer does not detect any errors and make the aftermarket lights work the same way as the factory ones.

Warning cancellers are used to eliminate ‘Bulb out’ error on a dash of your car. The lights themselves may work, but the one may find this warning annoying. Therefore, we offer computer warning cancellers that are remedy for this issue.