H8 size is mostly used for the fog lights (2008-2012 Kia Sportage and 2013-2017 Volkswagen Jetta). All the experienced drivers know how important automotive lighting is, as the human is powerless when it comes to weather conditions. Upgrading fog lights are important as they allow the driver see clearly even under the raining and snowing conditions. Kensun offers you HID and LED sets.

HID Xenon lights produce brighter light output and require several times less power to operate than halogen bulbs do. You will get more light with the 35W kit. Though you can get even more with the 55W kit.

In case you are not a HID lover, then choose an LED Conversion kit with Cree Chips. Light Emitting Diodes bulbs have considerably longer lifespan than halogen and HID lights. The other brighter side of the LED kit is the set of color filters which you will receive with the lights. You have a chance to try different colors, experiment and then make your choice.

Light up the night with Kensun conversion kits.