LED H10 (9145) Conversion Kit with Cree Chips


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Vendor: Kensun


Bright H10 Cree LED Fog Lights

Tired of bad visibility on the road when it is raining or snowing? Time to upgrade your auto lights and turn the driving into pleasure! Choose H10 Cree LED fog light conversion kit on our online lights store.

What is special about this set? First of all, our LED fog lights consume only 30W but at the same time they produce almost three times more light than the halogen bulbs. This Kensun kit produces up to 6000Lum.

You may wonder if there is a noticeable difference in the light output and this the second specific feature of these bright LEDs. You are getting pleasant 6000K color which is comfortable for driving at night.  This fog light kit comes with two pairs of glass filters and that is another key point we would like to make. You can try the blue ones to get 7500-8000K tint or the yellow ones. Which should color you choose? It is up to you to decide! But according to the car enthusiasts’ words, the best tint for the fog lights is yellow. In fact, it is scattered less in the wet weather.

Kensun H10 fog light bulbs have all-in-one design which predetermines the absence of external LED drivers. This conversion kit has light emitting part and cooling system. H10 LEDs come with Cree Chips that are produced in the USA. Every light bulb has six diodes (three on each side) this allows to get 360 light output.

Next specific feature about this LED fog light kit is perfectly designed cooling system. The bulbs have heat sinks which are made of cold-pressed aluminum. What is special about it? This metal helps reduce the bulb base temperature by 40%! The Cree LED kit has built-in turbo cooling fans that make 8000 rounds per minute to keep the temperature suitable for operation of the lights.

Besides being heat resistant, our bright LEDs for fog lights have IP68 protection level. As a result, they cannot be affected by water or mud which makes them really usable!

Consequently, the H10 Cree LED fog light conversion kit is great upgrading of your vehicle.  Apart from being really efficient, this set will assist the driver on the road in any weather conditions! It includes the pair of bulbs, color filters and an installation manual.

    Fits sizes:

    • 9140 9145 9155