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An H10 size is a single filament bulb. It is usually installed to the fog lights (2001-2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac and 2003-2006 GMC Sierra).

We know why the fog lights are that important and offer to upgrade them to HIDs or LEDs. Headlights can reflect off the snow and fog confusing the driver eyes so that he/she cannot see the road adequately. The fog lights were designed for use in conditions of limited visibility. They are separate units from the regular headlights.

Can you imagine that the HIDs are 3 times brighter than OEM halogen bulbs? Do not waste your time on this, just translate this into deeds. We know how tired and exhausted can be the road under bad weather conditions, that is why we are offering even 55W HID sets. They produce 20% more light than the 35W kits.

One of the other great possible upgrades is the installation of LEDs. These bulbs do not have ballasts as they operate on 8-48V. Bulbs have LED chips which are reliable and have a long lifespan. LEDs are the best option for the reflector housing. You may notice that there are 2 types of the kits. LED Kit with Cree Chips will be a great choice for those who are ready to experiment. It comes with a set of color filters and as a result, you have 3 color options (yellow, blue and white light output). When choosing the LED kit with ETI Chips you are getting a newly designed set with the pure white light output. These bulbs have drivers to power the chips and cooler separately.

Feel yourself safe on the road! Choose Kensun!