9005 (also known as HB3) is a single beam bulb size. It is mostly used for the high beams (2007-2012 GMC Acadia, 2010-2017 Dodge Journey). The size is available for both HID and LED systems. Your high beams will become brighter and throw the light further with our conversion kits.

9005 HID bulbs are available in 12 colors so you can choose the one you like most of all. But brightest colors are the 4300-6000K. Choose between 35W and 55W kits. Higher wattage stands for more light. Simply turn off the night.

9005 HID bulbs may come with a bit thicker O-ring. The one from the halogen bulb can be reused with the aftermarket HID bulb.

9005 LED Kit will produce more light than the halogen bulbs and have a considerably longer lifespan. 9005 LED bulbs come with Cree and ETI Chips. The first has color filters (yellow and blue) so you can discover the most comfortable color for driving. LED bulbs with ETI chips are designed with arc beam technology. This contributes to better beam pattern and larger throw distance. All LEDs come with a fan and the heat sinks which are around 3cm. That is why there should be enough space behind the headlight assembly so the cooling system can operate.