The 881 is a single filament bulb with the same base as 886, 889, 894, 896 and 898 bulbs have. This size is used for the fog lights (2001-2003 Chevrolet Blazer and 2009-2010 Kia Amanti). It is available in HID and LED sets.

Kensun offers two types of 881 HID kits: 35W and 55W, so you can increase the vision at raining and foggy conditions. The bulbs may require the removal of the holding ring. In this case, the bulb gasket should be removed at first, then the ring should be removed. After this, the gasket should be reinstalled. It should be in the same position as on the original halogen bulb. Otherwise, the 881 HID bulb will not be installed in a proper way.

Choose between LEDs with Cree and ETI Chips. The first type of the bulbs come with the set of color filters (two blue and two yellow). They can even be used without the filters so you can get the white color output. As for the LED bulbs with ETI Chips, you will definitely feel the difference in brightness of these lights. They were designed with new cutting-edge technology so that you will not have issues with short beams and dark spots on the road.

All LED bulbs have cooling fans and heat sinks which are around 3cm in length. Before purchasing the set of lights, we recommend you to make sure that there is enough space behind the housing.