35W HID 5202 Conversion Kit with Slim Digital Ballasts

Vendor: Kensun


Fog Light HID Conversion Kit

Xenon Headlights Set with Digital Ballasts for better visibility and safety on the road

If you love the look of Xenons and struggle to get the effect you really want with your halogen bulbs, the 35W HID 5202 Conversion Kit is definitely something to consider. You’ll benefit from a brighter light, and a slick, stylish look on the road.

With this Conversion Kits come two Xenon HID bulbs attached to wires. These, along with the bulb, plug into the bulb holder in the headlight unit. The wires then connect to your vehicle in a similar way as to the base of a halogen bulb. Our kits are plug-n-play and hassle free for most vehicles.

5202 HID Kit provides 3 times more light output compared to stock halogen bulbs that are currently equipped in your car. Each HID Kit from Kensun comes with two HID Ballasts and two HID Bulbs. Our HID Kits are offered in multiple color options ranging from 3000k to 30000k. This 5202 HID Conversion Set comes with two 5202 xenon bulbs and two premium ballasts and installation accessories.

Keep in mind that some vehicles require added accessories in order for the HID Kit to properly function with your vehicle.

Our conversion kit:
  • 3X Brighter than Halogen bulbs 
  • Lasts 5-10X longer
  • 35% less power consumption
  • Two 35W HID 5202 bulbs
  • Two high-performance slim digital ballasts
  • Two mounting brackets
  • One smart aluminum carry-case
  • One installation manual

Highly recommended to add our relay harness that provides safety, prolongs lifespan of all the parts of HID system and shuts off most of the issues related to headlights operation.

In case you face any difficulties with the product, inquire a troubleshooting.

Fits sizes:

  • 9009, H16, H16W,  2504, 5201, 5301, 12276C1, 15839897, 5200s, 12086, PS24W, PSX24W, PSY24W