Power Inverter

Vendor: Kensun


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The reason these devices are referred to as "inverters" is a bit of a play on the word "converters." A power converter is a device that changes one type of voltage to another; all inverters are also converters. 
To understand how inverters work and to be able to select the right inverter for a particular application it is helpful to have some understanding about the electronic terms used to describe them.
The advantages of power inverter are as follows:
  • Full safety features can either be plugged into a cigarette lighter or be hooked up directly to battery.
  • USB 3.1A ports with one 1A and other 2.1A
  • Instruction manual included.
  • The USB Output is 5V-35A to support all Smartphones and Apple Devices. Input Power DC 12V - Output Power 300W. 
  • 300W Power Inverter comes with compact design and a solid aluminum enclosure it is a smart in-car power charger for vehicle travelers.
  • Provides power to keep most of modern electronics going through out your long journey. Works with major brand of notebooks tablets and PCs.
Power inverters are extremely useful devices when one wants to use a device away from home power. They amplify a car's 12-volt DC power to be essentially equal to a home's 120-volt AC power allowing connection and operation of electronic devices.
It is also important to take into consideration the car's power system when buying and using inverters. 
If the inverter is going to be used extensively it will be necessary to install a second battery in the car or to run the engine periodically in order to recharge the car's battery and prevent deep cycling of the battery.