Bi-Xenon HID/ Dual Beam LED H13 Anti-Flicker Decoder Resistors Adaptors

Vendor: Kensun



The resistors provide stable and trouble-free operation both of HIDs and LEDs. You’ll forget what flickering looks like, as well as intermittent lights work and errors on your vehicle dashboard. There’re a lot of issues and their causes differ, but we are happy to represent a universal means of efficient weeding of problems field. Improved effectiveness, easy to install and you’re ready to fight the darkness. A great solution for a number of issues!

You are definitely going to need these resistors if your vehicle has CAN-BUS system or Totally Integrated Power Module (TIMP) on board. As usual it is Dodge, RAM, Jeep, Chrysler and most of European cars of recent years.

  • Pre-wired for Plug and Play
  • Eliminate error message on dashboard
  • Prevent flickering
  • Load Resistors: 50W 6 Ohm
  • High Quality materials for maximum durability and performance
  • Fit both HID and LED lights
  • Compatible both with 35W and 55W kits.
  • 2 x H13 Load Resistor Adaptors

CAUTION: Resistors get HOT so mount them to metal.

Fit sizes:
  • 9008