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H1 bulb is a single beam bulb, mostly used for the fog lights (1999-2005 Saab 9-5) and can be installed to the low and high beams (1999-2005 Volkswagen Beetle). Choose Kensun H1 LED or HID Conversion kit.

You get up to 3 times brighter lights with an installed HID kit rather than with OEM halogen bulbs. You can get even more light with 55W HID kit. Tastes differ, that is why we are offering different color options to choose from.

H1 size is also available for LED kit. LEDs are well known for their long lifespan. These bulbs have small chips which cannot break. They are durable and tend to last longer than HIDs.

Some H1 bulbs may require holders so that the bulb can be properly installed to the housing. Kensun H1 bulbs are straight and should be held in the place by a spring clip. Mostly, factory assemblies may require holders, as they come with a spring clip. Some aftermarket housings have a twist-in base that is why the holders with springs are needed.

HID and LED bulbs of H1 sizes have power wire which comes with 2 leads (power and ground). On factory H1 headlight assemblies you may have only power socket. Therefore, you need to connect the positive to the socket and negative to any ground on your vehicle (there may be a spare connector from inside the headlight housing).