Portable Tire Inflator with Digital Display for Car (12V) 100 PSI

Vendor: Kensun | UPC - 617037315580


Portable and compact 12V air compressor from Kensun


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This air compressor is great to use both at home for all kinds of inflatables, and in the garage as an automotive emergency tool.


This compressor comes equipped with all the necessary attachments, such as needle and a set of all-purpose nozzles. Soft carry-case is included.


Black woven 10ft 4in hose. LpM (Liter per minute) - 35(DC). Reaches 30 PSI in 4-6 minutes. 12V DC plug.


Soft carry bag; 3 adapter nozzles; 12V DC plug going into cigarette lighter; hose quick connector; manual.


  • Digital pressure gauge with LCD Display
  • Memory preset function
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Maximum pressure is 100 PSI
  • Reaches 0 thru 30 PSI in 4-6 minutes (based on P195/65R15 tire)
  • Adapter nozzles included
  • Car battery tester
  • Alternator tester
  • LED work/emergency light
  • Inflates car tires, bicycle tires, basketball, sporting equipment, balloons, etc.
  • Accessory storage and power cord compartment.

Kensun presents you with a portable, compact and pretty air compressor. This powerful automobile tire pump delivers inflating air at impressive 35 liter/minute rate which means it can inflate tire from zero to full pressure in about 4-6 minutes (based on P195/65R15 tire). It is ideal for SUV, RV, cars, motorcycles and ATV. You can switch it on and set up the needed pressure selecting BAR, PSI or KG/CM2. The compressor will do the rest by itself with its auto shut-off function. You can monitor tire pressure with large and easily read LCD display during the day and at nighttime.

The compressor has a battery test mode that analyzes the battery healthy status and calculates the actual cold cranking capability of the battery. Moreover, you can check the state of a car alternator with a help of our tire inflator simply connecting it to the ‘cigarette lighter’ power plug.

The tire air pump LED worklight provides plenty of light after dark for safely airing-up a flat or low-pressure tire on the side of the road or in the yard.

Kensun portable tire inflator is designed with 10ft 4in air hose. Its feature is a solid metal twist-connect nozzle that ensures a secure, hands-free seal to tire valve during inflation.

The power cord is stored in the compartment on the side of the tire inflator. It should be simply connected to the 12V accessory power plug in your vehicle and switched on!

The DC air compressor also comes with a set of 3 accessory nozzles. You would be hard to find something that it cannot inflate! They are securely stored in the compartment in the back of the air compressor.

This tire inflator has durable body with anti-vibration feet to prevent unwanted move.

In addition, purchasing Kensun portable DC tire inflator you get free vinyl zipper carry bag with handle. You can store the air compressor in it to protect it from moisture and dirt.

A compact design of the tire air pump allows store it easily in your vehicle’s trunk or inside truck cab.

    CAUTION: Do not overinflate objects.